Saturday, February 01, 2014

Busy Week

Well I have not blogged in a long time because I forgot my password! lol... I never said I was smart! :)  I got a new computer and totally forgot some passwords.  I am "one of those people" who always makes passwords that I think I will never forget and ends up I ALWAYS forget! :)  Well lets see, everything is going awesome really.  I am in one of my best off season shapes being in the single digit bodyfat but still pushing big numbers like 18 inch arms so this is super cool.  How did I get this?  I totally changed my offseason approach.  I fell into the cycle of doing a show in the 3-4% bf range but then after the show I would pig out and then try to offset my eating with cardio, WRONG!!!  This year I promised myself I would NOT do this again.  So post Nationals I went back on a super clean diet measuring all foods just larger amounts and kicked cardio to the curb.  My body is just soaking up all the clean food so I am growing BUT  keeping my bodyfat low~ !  Totally getting the look I want so super happy and its not hard at all you just have to do it.  I am shooting with my girl, Colette this Tuesday and will post some candid shots when I get them.   Have a great weekend!

Nuriye :)


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