Sunday, March 18, 2012


There is nothing like that hot sun against my skin while doing cardio. Did my hour cardio in the FL heat with tiny shorts and a tee this morning. I think this is the first time I did my cardio in shorts and now I know why..... stopping traffic to say the least. People are not used to seeing condition on the body. Veins popping around 27'' swollen legs is just enough to make people hit the breaks, LOL. Felt great to sweat and feel the sun on all of my body but my calves got such a pump it was hard to move at my ankle!! The veins in my calves and quads looked like they were gonna bust out of my skin, never knew my legs looked like that while doing my cardio, motivated myself!!LOL. It is a freakin beautiful day in So Fl love the winter months here. On another note I moved my leg day from Friday to Tuesday. Worked out great so gonna do it again this week sometimes I am so tired at the end of the week it is hard to work up the courage to really hit legs crazy hard. Tuesdays leg workout was off the charts so if it works keep doing it! :)



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