Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Hope you all are doing well!! So you know this coming tuesday I will be 34! Man, I remember doing my first shoot in 2000 so that makes 12 years in this industry and time has flown. Where I am today is a much better place than when I first started but I dont regret one minute of it all, what a journey!! :) All is well on my end and training is great I will be training early in the day the next few days which means I can play on HERBICEPSCAM in the evening which allows me to see alot of you I dont get to see! :) Love catching up and chatting/playing with you there. I am so happy alot of you saw my Muscle Angels shower video and enjoyed it as well. Do you realize I was 196 in that video, pretty dam lean no?? :P I am holding at 198 and holding a bit of water in certain areas but as long as the legs and arms are nice and veiny I know I am still in the single digits bodyfat and that is great news for me!! :) After a while of doing this at a certain level you can determine your fat and weight from just looking in the mirror. Although I weigh myself daily I know my weight before I step on that scale. Other news is i am back to platium blonde again. My poor hair colorest, I make his head spin and I am one of "those clients" that calls him 30 min before I want an appointment so he has to move his day around to get me in cause he knows I dont like the word NO :). I make it worth his while and I am blessed to have him as a friend Ive been going to him for 10 years now. I have so many great plans in store for future updates and I think you will be HAPPY :) Going to bring a new element to the site and it will be HOT and the great thing is you get to get involved with what you want me to do to it! :) Trust me it will all make sense very soon! :) Okay I am back to work, new project is in full swing and keeping me very busy. So I am back to making another round of approvals for it and all the other work it involves. Have to keep this naughty mind stimulated all the time :). Next update coming Friday! :)



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