Friday, February 17, 2017

Do I need muscle

I get asked a lot if someone needs muscle to be friends with me LOL and the answer is a big, fat NO!  To be totally honest a lot of people I have had contact with who have muscle are either total nut cases or douche bags.  Now let me make it very clear that I have also met some awesome people who wear muscle but you in no way need it to be in my life.  I cant imagine my life without muscle on me but like I have said before muscle is very superficial and it really does not reflect me as a person on the inside in every way.  What attracts me to a person is someone who has found themselves and lives authentic without paying too much attention to what the "others" say.  Someone who knows their weaknesses but doesn't let them fully define them. Someone who loves life and someone who does not see material things as a status in life.  So no the individual does not need a stitch of muscle they can hate the gym for all I care but they must be just that..... an individual. :)   See you on herbicepscam this weekend if you can! :)



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Are you still on hbc, maam?

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