Saturday, January 16, 2016


In order to be the best you can be at bodybuilding you need to remember 2 things..  1. LOVE YOURSELF not in an asshole way lol but to be proud of you and FYI everyone should be this way not just a meathead like me! :) 2. Be able to see yourself not using your ego pick the areas that need help and help them never think you are not in need of improvement.  My back was just an area that sucked when I wasent doing a show it was fat and when I was stage ready it was gone! Now after 2 years on constant work I have a back that is big with detail all year and wow it feels good.  My ability to grow via food never mind supplements is CRAZY trust me I could be 250 by the end of this month no fucking joke.  My attention to detail while being big has to mean keep the scale in check at a light 215 lol..  Since we cant convert fat into muscle it is pointless to gain weight and lose all detail.  I am in NO WAY done growing but something that sets me apart is the detail and mass I carry which is a fucking bitch to maintain!  HAPPY WEEKEND FRIENDS! :)


Blogger Jerry said...

Nuriye, I have one question that only you could answer. Are you able to rip tight fitting sleeve by simply flexing your massive biceps? I have wanted to see someone do that for quite some time and have about given up. If you can I will gladly join your website! Please let me know. By the way, your biceps are absolutely beautiful!! Would you happen to know what those fantastic arms measure? Please let me hear from you.


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