Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Omg you guys are too cute!  The emails I have gotten about last update make me smile.  I truly really wasent talking about anyone specific (kinda) :) my point is we all have work to do and I believe being honest to the fans should not be an "option" we just SHOULD BE!  So if you dont have fucking 18 in arms DONT SAY YOU DO, its just that simple.  You guys will support who you like regardless!  Sometimes it just makes me shake my head.  On another note, today was the kind of day that I really would have felt better at times if I could just slam my fist down someones throat LOL..  But I chose not to so I will just get to the gym and slam my fists down the weights throat! :)

Nuriye :)


Blogger mats husaar said...

Powerful Lady Evans, Your words are as strong as Your body and mind! i am a great admirer of Your muscular beauty and always fascinated by Your straight thoughts. Your mighty fists look dangerous, but i love their incredible size. Your 18" biceps are so impressive, that i have to bow in front of Your muscular Femininity.
Stay strong and powerful mats

12:02 PM  
Blogger abdo sa said...

Hi Nuriye
please make lift and carry vids soon

9:43 PM  

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