Sunday, April 01, 2012


I was going thru some of my video archives and I came across some calf and back training videos from about a year ago! Gonna post them so you can see how I have changed. Man, I tell ya what a difference a year can make. At first I was not gonna post them cause I was like eek! LOL Then I said I should show you how hard I have worked over the past year to get better for both me and YOU. The power of hard work and diet are the tools I have used to get better. Now, trust me the videos are not bad but I dont look like that anymore. At the point of these videos I will post I weighed less than I do now but I am so much leaner now. This is why my skin crawls when people ask me about my WEIGHT! Lean has NOTHING to do with weight, it has to do with fat to muscle ratio. If I was 120 with 30% fat I would NOT be lean I would be skinny fat. I can safely say my muscle is totally out weighing fat percentage and that is a very good thing. Okay now that I have schooled you on Lean lol, have a great day and enjoy my back training videos and know that my hard work is inspired by all of you!! :)



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