Friday, April 13, 2012

Lets TALK :)

Here I am, Friday night on my couch chatting with all of you, love it! I really havent been talking my usual shit lately so have some for you today! LOL.. First, I always try to live my life pushing it to the limit and I must admit today was one of those days where I wanted to say fuck it! :) BUT we all know that didnt happen, I found that little voice inside me that said "get the fuck up" and that is just what I did. 5am up and on my way to the gym. I must say it is great to see people in the gym at that hour but at the same time I think "why the fuck are they in here"? They look that same day after day so why not stay in bed and be a fat ass instead of just being able to tell your fellow coworkers when they get in work that they were at the gym at 5am..... FOR WHAT! Then lets talk tee shirts, you know I have been having issues with the tees people wear, you know the whole super man shit, LOL. Today I saw a few wearing and yes I said a few people wearing tees that said something like " pain is weakness leaving your body" now what did i see these shit talking, tee wearing people doing..... TALKING! Damn, i would rather see a person wearing a white tee from Target and working their ass off than these silly tees that are talking more than they are doing! Fitness/bodybuilding whatever you want to accomplish takes hard work and what you wear has nothing to do with it. NOW, this is just my humble opinion and if you are for real and hitting it hard in the gym by all means wear the tees with those sayings cause that is what you REALLY represent. :) On that note I am proud to say I am the new owner of a Superman TEE!! LOL. I will show you what a real super hero looks like next update and I am sure superman will be proud! :) HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow, I will be on From about 10am-12pm eastern then a small break to get my hair done and should be back on at about 4;30 pm eastern so I hope to see you there! Have a great weekend and when you feel like saying "fuck it" just know you have that inner voice in you as well, you just have to listen and it will make you end your day knowing you SEIZED YOUR DAY! :)



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