Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Not Myself

Well it just occured to me why the hell I have not been myself this week. I have been feeling just so tired but getting my workouts and cardio in, of course :). I was cooking my first meal thinking about my workouts so far this week and I am just going crazy in the gym lately and it really started last week. My head is in a very intense place once I get in the gym and the training is reflecting that. Like for example Friday was leg day I did 4 sets of lunges and went up to 100 lbs and did 20 lunges one way and 20 the other no stopping. 40 reps with heavy weights is hard then i went to leg press, now mind you I am just telling you about 2 exercises and I did 7. Leg press, went up to 12 plates each side and did freakin 20 reps and that was my 6th set. Last night I did back, calves and traps and for traps alone I did 315 for 20 reps and that was my fourth set!! Who is doing this kind of weight and reps, I dont know but if someone is I hope they feel as tired as me!! :) Anyway, this is a great thing that I feel like this due to increased intensity in the gym. Now i just have to get used to it and I will be good to go. Other than that, all is great guys and I will be on HERBICEPSCAM the rest of this week and the weekend so if you want to see my big, tired ass I will be there!! :)


PS- Update 2 coming Friday! :)


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