Sunday, September 04, 2016


Despite what the internet reflects my interactions with people about my muscle have been nothing but positive.  Here is my interaction with "a dude on a bike" today lol..

I get out of my car:
dude on bike- OMG I just love muscle you look so good, I don't know why I love muscle so much on a woman.
me- why you act like its an illness, you have good taste muscle looks amazing on women!
dude on bike- oh yes you are right I love it
me- that's great, I love it too
dude on bike-  I would love to marry you!
me- marry me? not riding that little ass bike!!
dude on bike-  shouts "oh man" and rides off

LOL, cant make this shit up just another day being little ole me! :)



Blogger mats husaar said...

Lady Evans, You're real naughty Woman. Your daunting presence is overwhelming for sure. Have a great start into Your new week, mats

1:28 AM  

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