Thursday, September 03, 2015


Wow, I have seen some poor training in my gym lately so I decided to discuss.  Ego training is pointless and will get you no where fast.  I have seen maybe 6 people get under toooooo much weight and get totally BEAT by it.  I am talking not even one rep just get under it and drop it.  In my 16 years of training I have NEVER gotten under a weight and not moved it for reps.  It is not because I am super it is because I leave my ego at the door.  The one thing people dont understand is you need MUSCLE to move heavy weight.  They seem to think magical muscle will appear and aid them in moving the weight??  I really am not sure but I see it way too often.  See there is a HUGE difference in building muscle and moving weight.  I train to build muscle which involves complete connection to the specific muscle and as it grows I am able to the same movement with more weight.  It takes time but you cant put the cart before the horse.  So people see me moving alot of weight for alot of reps and wonder why, how?  Well number one are you hard of sight?? lol  and number 2 it takes years to reach that level and we are never done always looking for more and more. :)  So leave the ego at the door the weights dont give a fuck about your ego and they will bust you and that ego real fast as the guy in the gym I saw tonight knows very well.. :)



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