Sunday, June 08, 2014


OK, so I havent done a video blog yet but I should of had a camera on my today in the gym lol.  I enter the gym today with my super cool swag for my cardio lol and had the most uncool moment ever! LOL.. I really should not even be telling you guys this but taking myself too serious is something I am not that good at. :)  So I go to get my cardio done on the stairmill and things take a very dorky turn at this point.:)  I dont know what the hell was wrong but as I get on the stairs they like take off at 100 miles per hour!!  What do I do???  Well I stay on them looking like BUGS BUNNY trying to keep up with these turbo stairs!! LOL, this went on WAY TOO LONG until I basically went flying off of them and of course all eyes were ON ME! LOL..  I think my "cool factor" went from like 100% to 20% in just under a minute! :)  Gonna have to pull out all the stops tomorrow and wear something totally sexy to get my cool back! :)

Nuriye :)


Blogger john fellerson said...

Nah just do it again in your sexy outfit tomorrow your cool factor will go up! :)

Everyone has an off day don't worry about it.

10:48 AM  

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