Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I really want to take a minute or two to thank some key people for allowing little old me to have this site. Andy, he is first in line!! Without our dear Andy from Andys Muscle Goddesses this site would not be here!! He works sooo hard for this sport and the women in it!! Hats off to him and all that he does! Iam so thankful to have you in my life! :)

Next are the beautiful women who create the sport of BodyBuilding. So many of them inspire me to be better and go the extra step to succeed! Knowing quite a few personally, they motivate me to be better each and every day! Thank you! :)

Finally to my wonderful husband! You know, it is not easy having Naughty Nuriye in ones life!! :) With his love and respect and tolerance of me exposing all to you, (hehe) I love him with all my soul! Thank you sweetie! :)

Now don't think I forgot about all of you!! Without you I could not be me!! Thank you for joining me and watching me express myself! Your support is truely an honor and I am so thankful!!

Now for the really good stuff!! Check me out on FTWEBCAM tonight at 10:00 pm! Really hot action going on there!! Make it fun and join me!!:)



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